Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cerita ngalih ari 6

Welcome to the photo-gallery of images taken at the Wedgwood factory in South East Asia. The works, just outside Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is the main global production site for ceramics under the Royal Doulton and Wedgwood brands.

Royal Doulton

Oct 3rd, 2006, in Business & Economy, IM Posts, by David
The Royal Doulton Company is happy with its investment in Indonesia and plans to put another $125 million into its operations here.

Sir Anthony O'Reilly, the chairman of Waterford Wedgwood Plc., the owner of the Royal Doulton brand, met with president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the presidential palace in Jakarta on the 2nd and announced that Waterford Wedgwood/Royal Doulton, a manufacturer of ceramic and china dinnerware, would expand its factory at Tangerang, Banten (western Java, near Jakarta) at a cost of 125 million US dollars.
Waterford Wedgwood, which apart from its famous Royal Doulton china cups, plates, and saucers also produces figurines, has two factories in Asia, with the other being located in India. However, according [1] to Trade minister Mari Pangestu's recollection of conversations with Sir Anthony, Indonesia is the preferred location due to the workforce here being more skillful and patient. 150,000 Royal Doulton branded pieces are produced each week at the Indonesian factory.
Ninety-seven percent of the output of Royal Doulton's Indonesian operations are exported, at an annual value of around $30 million. With the new investment, which will also see the development of some research and design facilities, carried out over three years, the company has hopes that this figure will double.
Sir Anthony O'Reilly said on May 20th 2007 that the company plans to raise its ceramic wares production capacity in Indonesia from 6 million to 12 million pieces per year, with manpower requirements going up from 1,350 at present to about 2,000, and a further $25 million being invested.


  1. enda alah kengai ke utai made by mas joko n miss amoi wai hahaha RA aku sigi made by miss amoi n mas joko memagang ahhhh

  2. hahaha....poco-poco ,nasi lalapan,widuri,kuda kepang,batik sarong..hehehe..bepun ari sida magang. Hehehe!!

  3. nya meh wai urang maioh engai meli RA ke gaga ari Indon n china nganti ke UK keno meli din hehehe kumbai sida ia di uk din gaga sida hibai nemunya gaga sida mas joko engau gaga sida amoi memagang ga. Nya meh ba FB royal doulton aku meda indu ari US madah engai meli RA ka gaga sida amoi alu sida ba website nya nyaut anang engai/takut laban quality sama ko sida tang indu nya madah sigi ia engai meli laban enda kumpidin utai gaga sida amoi hehehe

  4. Engka nya rega tetap sebaka. Wai sebugay, RA ka di beli nuan di Brunei nya enti dah pulai ke duit kitai, is it cheaper than at KL?

  5. EtE...i've got no idea how much it costs in KL. Nganti bala ari KL bisi madah,ila aku post rega iya ditu.